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Meet New Heartland Chapter Member Hanna Roberts

The first concert I went to was: Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers Tour.


My favorite holiday is: Christmas!


What you would be surprised to know about me: I started college as a Criminal Justice Major.


My favorite food is: Pasta and anything Italian.


My next dream trip is to: Greece.


Recently read book I recommend reading is: The Phantom Prince: My Life With Ted Bundy


Nickname growing up was: Hanna Bean (because I was a really small baby).


Won’t eat: Mushrooms yuck.


Movie or bowling? Movie- I recommend, The Invisible Man, to everyone it was incredible .


Start every morning with: While in Italy a restaurant I loved made French bread with ham, fruit and peaches for breakfast so I eat that for breakfast every day now.


Why I joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter: Chapter member Taylor Abbate came to my class as a guest speaker and told us all about PCMA and how great of an opportunity it can be. Upon graduation I really want to get as involved as I possibly can in this industry and think PCMA can teach me so much and get me in contact with a lot of people who can help me learn about the events industry and how to succeed.


Best business tip/idea I’ve learned recently: I’ve recently been told that getting local bloggers involved can be really beneficial for bringing awareness and gaining an audience for an event.


My primary goal to achieve during the next five years is: Make as many business connections as I can and secure a career position that can strengthen my experience and make me better at what I do.

heartlandpcmaorgMeet New Heartland Chapter Member Hanna Roberts