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Tips, Advice and Memories From Our Long-time Chapter Members: Missy Johnson

Impressively, our Heartland Chapter has 13 members who have belonged to the Chapter 20 or more years. Their contributions to our Chapter have been, and continue to be, invaluable. We benefit from their shared wisdom, experience, and advice.

In today’s edition of The Pulse, we feature one of our 20-plus-years members: Missy Johnson

Read on to learn about their favorite authors, favorite movies, fondest Chapter memories, tips for young meeting professionals, and more!

Missy Johnson, CMP

Principal & CEO

MJ Meetings


I originally joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter because:

In 2000 I was a new meeting planner and all my colleagues and friends within the industry were PCMA members. I knew I should join to ensure that I continued learning and growing within the hospitality industry.


The committees I have served on during my 20-plus years as a member include:

Oh gosh…many! I helped on Programs, Community Service and Awards Committees early on. But then I was a member and eventually chair of the Communications Committee for many years. I was a Board member, Secretary, Treasurer and then President of the chapter in 2010. Since then, I have remained an active member and have helped on the Past-Presidents’ Task Force as well as the Semi-Annual Summer Retreat Committee.


My fondest memory during my many years as a Chapter member is:

I have so many because this chapter is made up of great people who care a lot about each other and our industry. But I think one of my favorites will always be the celebration last year of our 25th Anniversary!


My advice to a young professional embarking on their event planner/meetings business journey is:

Don’t be afraid to ask someone who you respect in this business to mentor you. Most people will help you if they know you want help – you just have to ask!


Other valuable resources beyond PCMA for meeting professionals include:

Network, network, network! Don’t be afraid to start and foster relationships across all segments of the industry through networking. You might need someone’s assistance someday and those relationships can become very important.


The biggest change in me as a professional since joining the Chapter is:

I think I’ve grown so much as a professional. At first, I was a wide-eyed junior meeting planner just trying to soak up all the information I could find from everyone who would share it. Then transitioned into a savvy expert who grew a fantastic network of other professionals who I adore and cherish. And now, have become something I didn’t think was even possible – an entrepreneur and business owner with my spouse!


My favorite book author is___, because:

I’m not an avid book reader but I do read a lot of magazines! Bon Appetit, Food & Wine and INKansas City are my favorites.


The number of states in the U.S. I have visited:

Hhhmmm…most but not all. I would say I still need to get to the Dakota’s, the Virginia’s and most of the deep south. But, one place that always keeps bringing me back is…Vegas, baby!


My favorite movie of all-time is:

The Wizard of Oz… but a close second is The Jason Bourne Series!


My next splurge purchase/treat is going to be:

A VACATION! I know we are all dying to go someplace, anyplace right now!

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