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Update from Chapter President- Sandy Wachter

When did you become involved in the PCMA Heartland Chapter and what made you want to join?

I became involved with the PCMA Heartland Chapter about 17 years ago. I was new to the industry and saw it as an opportunity to learn from others.


What are you looking forward to in 2021 as the Heartland Chapter President?

Continuing to grow the PCMA Heartland family! I love my job in this industry and want to help others get more involved in both the industry and the Chapter. I’m also looking forward to seeing everyone again at in-person events!


What do you want to accomplish as a Chapter this year?

I want to continue to focus on inclusion and making sure that everyone feels that they are part of the family! I also want to work on succession planning to help solidify the chapter’s future.


Where do you see the Heartland Chapter headed?

I see continued growth. We have a fabulous group of leaders who work very hard to bring our members the best professional development and events possible. 


What do you want Chapter members to know about you?

I try to be tough on the outside, but it has been a tough year for me personally. Also, I would do anything for those I consider to be friends and family! 


What one thing always makes you happy?

My family including my husband, children and most of all my granddaughter, Avery. 


If you could see anyone in concert, who would it be?

Johnny Cash – I think he’s a legend.


What are two things on your bucket list?

First to travel to Belarus and reconnect with the children my family hosted thru Project Restoration, Children of Chernobyl and second, take my granddaughter to Disney World!


What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome?

I was with an abusive alcoholic for several years. I even amaze myself at how far my children and I have come from those days. I went from having $0 in any bank accounts when my ex took all of our money to now planning for retirement. People often tell me how sorry they are I went thru it, but it has made me a much stronger person and more compassionate to others as well.



heartlandpcmaorgUpdate from Chapter President- Sandy Wachter