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 Focus on a Member Series: Amber Prosser

This week, in our Focus On A Member Series, we meet Amber Prosser, Director of Operations for PostOak Lodge and Resort. Amber has recently joined our Chapter’s Membership Committee. Welcome, Amber!

Personally, or professionally, were there any positive things that came out of the pandemic (i.e. more time with family, house projects, got a dog, curbside pickup)?

Amber: Personally, I got to spend a lot more time with my family and take trips I normally would not have been able to take. Professionally, the increased awareness by my staff when it came to sanitation practices!

What do you do to take care of your mental/physical health?

Amber: Yoga, watch sports, read.

Name a few positive things that you have incorporated into your events that are due to the pandemic (i.e. – QR codes for menus, served buffets, etc)

Amber: Early on, we only provided self-service buffets if the items were individually packaged items.   My teams and I went as far as to create customized condiment and cutlery kits so that we could have the clients move from the main food service areas to separate “mixing stations” (coffee service, for example).

What is your “go-to” website for industry trends, news, and ideas?

Amber: I think this varies on what I am looking for. I tend to rely heavily on industry professionals on LinkedIn. Also, my previous employer was Levy, so we kept in contact across most of our venues to share different trends we were seeing in our areas and venues.

What are you watching on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.?

Amber: Squid Games, Grey’s Anatomy, Dynasty (guilty pleasure), You.

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