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Member Spotlight: Kristin Malek

Meet Heartland Chapter member Kristin Malek, Event Management Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor; University of Nebraska Lincoln; Lincoln

The first concert I went to was: America one week and Backstreet Boys the next! Yes, I have always had varied tastes!

My favorite holiday is: Christmas. My family is spread all over the country and Christmas is the only time we all come together.

What you would be surprised to know about me: I used to be a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) doubles champion – that means playing both sides at the same time!

My favorite food is: a good caprese salad

My next dream trip is to: Bali or Alaska.

Recently read book I recommend reading is: Essentialism. SO GOOD!

Nickname growing up was: Didn’t have one. I know – kind of boring.

Won’t eat: I am vegetarian – so I guess the answer here would be meat?

Movie or bowling? Bowling!

Start every morning with: Hitting the snooze button – at least three times.

Why I joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter: Continuing education and networking! I have been a PCMA member in the student category, planner category, and faculty category across multiple chapters.

What I like best about the Heartland Chapter: I love that everyone is so friendly and welcoming to each and every person that comes to the events – no matter their status or job.

Best business tip/idea I’ve learned so far this year: I had an in-depth training on how to run World Café Forum style meetings from one of the co-founders. I incorporated it into one of my events the next month and it was really well received! Something I will continue doing in my future events.

What I like best about my job: Working for the University of Nebraska – I am 50% faculty and 50% community focused. I get to teach event management students best practices and we get to plan events for and in the community. It’s the best of both worlds!

Jena VonderhaarMember Spotlight: Kristin Malek