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Scholarship Winners Share Their PCMA Convening Leaders Experience Takeaways-Vicki Baker

Seven Heartland Chapter members attended last month’s PCMA Convening Leaders conference using their scholarships awarded to them by the Chapter.

This week, we hear from Vicki Baker and feature her key takeaways from her Convening Leaders (CL) experience.

Vicki Baker

Senior Account Executive, US Account Sales 

Marriott International  


What was the best thing about attending Convening Leaders virtually this year?

Vicki: It was wonderful being able to select from so many great topics and outstanding presenters for both my professional and personal growth. Thank you, Heartland Chapter, for the scholarship to attend!

What was your key learning from CL?

Vicki: We will all be a part of the great recovery! And we all will have to do things differently in 2021.

Who was your favorite speaker/presenter and why?

Vicki: Two of my favorite speakers were: Julia Gillard, previous Prime Minister of Australia – She said, “Resilience is a muscle that needs to be worked.” And I really enjoyed Neil Pasricha – Science of Positive Growth Mindset. He said to follow this rule: BE HAPPY – this has to come first, then this will in turn lead to GREAT WORK and then you’ll find GREAT SUCCESS! Focus on listening more, talking less. Every morning do a 2-minute practice: 1 – I will let go of…2 – I am grateful for…3 – I will focus on….

What are you most excited about for 2021?

Vicki: Being a part of the great recovery! As we learn new ways to adapt in 2021, we will find new and innovative ways to bring people together successfully. I’m looking forward to attending a huge in-person meeting, going to a concert, and being able to hug my friends and family when I see them face-to-face!

heartlandpcmaorgScholarship Winners Share Their PCMA Convening Leaders Experience Takeaways-Vicki Baker