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State of the Industry Meeting Recap and Takeaways

Our featured speakers Justin Meyer, Deputy Director of Aviation – Marketing & Air Service Development, Andrea O’Hara, Executive Director of the Hotel & Lodging Association of Greater Kansas City, and Katherine Holland, Interim Chief Operating Officer & Director, KC2026 FIFA World Cup Bid were absolutely incredible. Their knowledge and information made the meeting very informative with a great Q&A session at the end.

Everyone gave a quick overview of their areas of expertise and the State of our Industry through the Kansas City Airport renovation which is so exciting, to how local hoteliers and lodging are managing all of the labor shortage and COVID issues to how the FIFA World Cup will affect the Kansas City businesses and locals during the matches.

A few takeaways from those that attended were:

Vicki Baker, Senior Account Executive, Marriott International

“Our panelists really gave us a sense of excitement for Kansas City for the great things to come.  With more nationwide and international events coming to KC we will be able to increase our awareness and be able to attract more events which in turn will help the hospitality industry for years to come.”

Eric Jacobson, Vice President, Media Development, Ascend Media LLC

“The panel did a great job of answering questions from our members. This is truly an exciting time for Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Lots of good things coming our way within the next few years that should benefit our local meeting planning industry.”

Teresa Hellman, CMP, DES, Senior Event Strategist,  Maritz Global Events

“Listening to Kathy Nelson about the process Kansas City went through to be awarded the World Cup was fantastic.  Plus, her message got me excited about being a volunteer when the call goes out!  But the best news was to hear that the new airport will be open in the first quarter of 2023!  Those of us that travel on a regular basis are looking forward to the conveniences of a modern-day airport.  I believe it will also help KC land more city-wide meetings when planners arrive in the new shiny airport.”

The highlight recap video was done by:

Matt Duhs
Hospitality Management Student
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
[email protected]

Watch the highlight video

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