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The Student Industry Exploration Trip was enlightening for everyone involved!


PCMA’s Heartland Chapter, Emerging Leaders Committee last month welcomed 15 students from 3 colleges to Kansas City for a Student Industry Exploration Trip.  They toured behind the scenes at the Westin Crown Center, The Loews, KC Convention Center, T-Mobile Center, the College Basketball Experience and KC Sports Commission along with participating in many networking opportunities.  (Thank you to Geralyn Krist and Dr. Kristin Malek for arranging this amazing event.) 

We asked the students several questions about their experience in Kansas City and here is what they had to say. 

Of the locations you toured, what was your favorite and why?

“I enjoyed touring the T-Mobile Arena as it was very interesting to see the various rooms they have to offer for events. It was fascinating to learn about the contract riders’ various groups have and what they can entail.” Katie Goodwater 

“The Convention Center was my favorite because it showed the wide array of activities the staff are involved in planning. Getting to see and hear all the history of the building was a lot of fun, as well!” Emily Nealeigh

“My favorite place that we toured was the Lowes Hotel, I thought it was a beautiful hotel and was very interesting to see.” – Kinsey Skillstad

“Out of all the locations we were able to tour, my favorite was the T-Mobile Center. I enjoyed this tour the most because for someone who has experienced going to arena events my whole life, I never had the privilege to do a behind-the-scenes tour like we were able to with this trip. Michael at T-Mobile Center did a fantastic job at answering all our questions, sharing interesting information, and providing lots of fun facts as we toured the whole arena!” –  Jessica Conrad

“My favorite location was the T-Mobile Center because it opened my eyes to a new type of industry and field, I could be working in.” –  Jaclyn Vote

What is the biggest learning takeaway from your visit to Kansas City?

“Overall, it was very eye-opening to see how mutant more event opportunities are in a bigger city. I liked hearing about how the various sectors of the industry work together to bring in large events such as the World Cup and the NFL Draft.” Katie Goodwater 

What excites you most about event planning?

“I get excited about being depended on by others to make their special event worthy of lifelong memories.” Emily Nealeigh

What is your go-to website and/or social media handle for meeting/event planning resources?

“Pinterest” Emily Nealeigh

How in general can meetings, conferences and events more effectively engage younger attendees?

“Younger attendees want to get something out of things, offering giveaways, prizes, chances to meet people, just anything unique is a good way to bring in younger attendees.”  – Kinsey Skillstad

“The most effective way to engage younger attendees is to capture their attention. We live in an age where we are consumed by our smartphones and have shortened attention spans because of how we are conditioned via social media. I think having more experiential/interactive elements rather than just lectures can help capture attention.” –  Jessica Conrad

“From a generation of technology and PowerPoint, something different from the typical lecture style we’re constantly receiving. I think an emphasis on storytelling and personal experience is always engaging.” –  Jaclyn Vote

We are excited to feature the new Student Member Spotlight Column that will showcase an article or profile from our Chapter’s member students monthly. Also don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet and speak with the students at the November 3, State of the Industry event at the Overland Park Doubletree hotel.  

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