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Tips For Setting Goals For Team Members You Manage

Here are some great tips for how to set goals from the book, One Page Talent Management, by Marc Effron and Miriam Ort:

The Harder the Goal, the More It Motivates – There is a linear relationship between a goal’s difficulty and the amount of effort and performance the goal produces.

Goals Aligned with Self-Interest Motivate the Most – Self-interest is a powerful motivational tool. The more likely we are to feel good when a goal is accomplished, the more motivational that goal will be.

Specific Goals Create Higher Performance Than Urging, “Do Your Best.”

Too Many Goals Reduce the Effort on Each One – An emerging body of research indicates that the more goals an individual has, the more poorly he/she performs on each.

Jena VonderhaarTips For Setting Goals For Team Members You Manage