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David Kinney Reflects On His Distinguished Member of 2019 Award

David Kinney Reflects On His Distinguished Member of 2019 Award

1. What does winning the award mean to you?

David: It means a great deal to me personally, because this Chapter has meant so much to me over the many years of service. Volunteer leadership is something I’ve always cared so much about. And most importantly, this is just an award we can share together celebrating what we’ve all accomplished as a Chapter! Quite honestly, I’ve learned so much from so many in this Chapter, and couldn’t be more proud of the successes this group has shared collectively.

2. What is your favorite part of being a member of the Heartland Chapter?

David: My favorite part of being a member of PCMA Heartland is that I do not even live in the geographic region this Chapter comprises but I found a connection to the members and the industry leaders within this Chapter early on in my hospitality career. I have continued to want to support them as colleagues and friends year in and year out.

3. What is your primary professional goal for 2020 and why?

David: Now that the whole world seems to have been put on hold and what lies ahead still remains uncertain, it has allowed me some time to take a step back and realize what’s most important – and that is being gracious for what we already have. For me, it’s health, humility, and family. The current environment the world is in right now is so much bigger than us. I’ve learned a lot within the last month, not only about COVID-19 but also how each industry organization is responding differently to the challenges, while still trying to support one another. Being supportive of one another is so key right now. While I absolutely miss the live face-to-face gatherings that we are all so used to, I look forward to figuring out a way to continue to contribute as a sales professional in my role at Louisville Tourism, but also in my sponsorship role for PCMA Heartland.

4. Tell us about your vacation or staycation plans for this year?

David: Well one of my favorite places to visit in the Caribbean is Puerto Rico, and I can thank my few years spent working there early on my CVB career for that. While my 4th of July plans to travel to Puerto Rico will likely be put on hold, I hope to be able to visit there again soon. My favorite hidden spot for those that have any plans of visiting, is to catch a short puddle jumper flight on Vieques Air Link from the San Juan Isla Grande City Airport to Vieques or Culebra – both island treasures – just a 15 minute flight from San Juan! It’s magical and you can just fly over and back the same day for an opportunity to spend your day on gorgeous award winning beaches, hardly a person in sight!

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