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Focus On A Member: Ashley Taber

This week, we focus on Heartland Chapter member, Ashley Taber
PCMA Heartland Chapter Administrator.

What was your favorite Netflix binge during 2020?
Schitt’s Creek for sure!

Where is the first place you will travel when the pandemic is over?
Hopefully a tropical destination cruise with the family!

What is the best recipe you tried in 2020?
Homemade pizza dough in a cast-iron skillet- game changer!

Personally or professionally, were there any positive things that came out of the pandemic (i.e. more time with family, house projects, got a dog, curbside pick up)?
More time with my husband and kids, making time to focus on my health.

Did you create a new tradition for the holiday?
No new traditions, we were lucky to spend our holidays like we always do and I’m grateful for that!

What did 2020 teach you about your professional life?
That I enjoy being busy and having things to do!

What did 2020 teach you about your personal life?
To slow down, enjoy the little things more, and be grateful every moment for the wonderful people in my life.

What new hobby have you started in the past year?
Not a new hobby, but picked it back up over the winter-crochet.

I am looking forward to 2021 becauseā€¦
My baby sister is getting married!

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