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Focus On A Member Series: Taylor Abbate

This week in our Focus On A Member Series, we hear from Taylor Abbate, CMP

What was your favorite Netflix binge during 2020?

New Girl! I have probably watched the whole series three times now, but it never gets old!

Where is the first place you will travel when the pandemic is over?

Literally anywhere outside of the Midwest! I have plans to go to Austin, Texas for Memorial Day weekend – so hopefully that will be able to happen!

What is the best recipe you tried in 2020? 

I have not tried any new recipes in 2020 but I have tried many new local Kansas City restaurants!

Personally or professionally, were there any positive things that came out of the pandemic (i.e. more time with family, house projects, got a dog, curbside pick up)?

Being able to work remote allowed me to see my family back in Chicago more in one year than I have the last four years of me living in Kansas City. I used to only be able to see my family once or twice a year for the holidays but in 2020, I was able to see my family multiple times throughout the year and stay for about a week or so at a time which was really great!

Did you create a new tradition for the holiday?

No new traditions for the holiday – but it is always great to spend time with the family!

What did 2020 teach you about your professional life?

2020 taught me a lot about my professional life. It taught me to go outside of my comfort zone and learn new skills to better improve the way I do my job. I have pursued my DES designation from PCMA and continue to pursue education that can further my professional development in the industry. You are never done learning – especially in this industry!

What did 2020 teach you about your personal life?

2020 taught me a lot about my personal life. It has taught me how important it is to slow down and be thankful for everything I have in my life.

What new hobby have you started in the past year?

This past year, I have taken up bouldering at Sequence Climb! It is a climbing gym in the Kansas City Crossroads. It is a lot of fun and very challenging!

I am looking forward to 2021 because…

It will be a year of new opportunities and possibilities!

I believe (or don’t believe) hybrid events are here to stay because…

I believe hybrid events are here to stay in some capacity because with the growing of technology I think we will be able to reach a larger audience than we normally would with just in person events and more creative in the way we engage with our online attendees.

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