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Meet New Heartland Chapter Member Lizzie Oxley

The first concert I went to was: Hannah Montana with the Jonas Brothers!

My favorite holiday is: New Year’s Eve

What you would be surprised to know about me: I was part of a dance team in college for a while!

My favorite food is: Green Olive Pizza

My next dream trip is to: Ireland

Recently read book I recommend reading is: The Great Gatsby is always a good read

Nickname growing up was: Lizzie Lou

Won’t eat: Tomatoes

Movie or bowling? Bowling!

Start every morning with: Coffee and a smile!

Why I joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter: Taylor Abbate spoke to one of my classes at Mizzou and explained what PCMA was all about. She told us what PCMA offered and encouraged us to join. Being a recent college graduate, I am eager to learn more about the event industry and gain more connections and figured PCMA could help me grow in those areas.

Best business tip/idea I’ve learned recently: Your attitude is contagious!

My primary goal to achieve during the next five years is: I hope to gain more hands-on experience in the event industry, establish connections, and create a positive name for myself in the industry.

heartlandpcmaorgMeet New Heartland Chapter Member Lizzie Oxley