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Tips, Advice and Memories From Our Long-time Chapter Members: Cassi Connors

Impressively, our Heartland Chapter has 13 members who have belonged to the Chapter 20 or more years. Their contributions to our Chapter have been, and continue to be, invaluable. We benefit from their shared wisdom, experience and advice.

In today’s edition of The Pulse, we feature one of our 20-plus-years members, Cassi Connors.

Read on to learn about her favorite author, favorite movie, fondest Chapter memories, tips for young meeting professionals, and more!


Cassi Connors
Senior Sales Executive
The Westin Kansas City At Crown Center


I originally joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter because:

Wow, to think I joined a couple of decades ago….I can’t be that old! At that time, I was working at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown and had just taken over some of their Association Market. I joined PCMA Heartland Chapter for its education, networking opportunities, to make new friends, and to partner with professionals in the community.


The committees I have served on during my 20-plus years as a member include:

Membership, Programs, and the Golf Tournaments.


My fondest memory during my many years as a Chapter member is:

My fondest memory would definitely be back in 1998 when Kansas City hosted Convening Leaders. I was nine months pregnant and due towards the end of the month. As you can imagine, it was all hands-on deck the entire three days. On the Tuesday of the Conference, I conducted an insanely amount of tours of the hotel; something like eight that day. I had been staying at the hotel, but that night I was so tired, and just wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed. The weather was yucky, snow and ice. Driving home, I slid into a curb, nothing major, and managed to make it home. I went to bed shortly after getting home, but never went to sleep. I went into labor early Wednesday morning, and delivered my second daughter at 10:25 a.m. the last day of the Conference. I called my Director, Carolyn McClure, and told her I wasn’t going to make it to work that day. LOL

My advice to a young professional embarking on their event planner/meetings business journey is:

My advice would be communication. Be a good communicator. It will help you build strong relationships and network efficiently. It will give you the direction you need from your co-workers and directors to help you be successful in your job.


Other valuable resources beyond PCMA for meeting professionals include:

There are lots of valuable resources, but to name a few…read industry publications. There are a lot of publications and articles readily available to you online. You can search for about anything. Another useful tool is C-Vent. They offer training courses and certifications to expand your knowledge, and sometimes these courses are offered complimentary. My third resource would be to get involved in your local CVBs and Chambers and attend their networking opportunities.


The biggest change in me as a professional since joining the Chapter is:

Taking a negative situation and turn it to a positive outcome.


My favorite book author is___, because:

My favorite book author is James Patterson. I like that he writes both thrillers and romance books and his chapters are short, usually just 2-3 pages.


The number of states in the U.S. I have visited:



My favorite movie of all-time is:

Murphy’s Romance.


My next splurge purchase/treat is going to be:

New family room furniture. It’s time!

heartlandpcmaorgTips, Advice and Memories From Our Long-time Chapter Members: Cassi Connors