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Tips, Advice and Memories From Our Long-time Chapter Members: Tanya Lowery

Impressively, our Heartland Chapter has 13 members who have belonged to the Chapter 20 or more years. Their contributions to our Chapter have been, and continue to be, invaluable. We benefit from their shared wisdom, experience, and advice.

In today’s edition of The Pulse, we feature one of our 20-plus-years members: Tanya Lowery

Read on to learn about their favorite authors, favorite movies, fondest Chapter memories, tips for young meeting professionals, and more!

Tanya Lowery, CMP

Director, Meetings and Conventions

American Academy of Family Physicians


I originally joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter because:

Well, it’s not a glamorous story or anything. I joined the AAFP as an admin and at the time Mickey Schaefer (one of the founders of the Chapter) was my VP. She was looking for an admin for the Chapter and I volunteered. This was not a paid position, but I wanted to meet people and get to know those in the industry. Who knew just eight years later, I would serve as President of the Chapter.


The committees I have served on during my 20-plus years as a member include:

Membership and Programs.


My fondest memory during my many years as a Chapter member is: T

To be 100% honest, my fondest memories were from the times at the Lake of the Ozarks for our summer retreats. So many things were special. The conversations and connections were the best. I will never forget some of my many conversations with Bob Waldo while we floated down the lake. Connections/relationships are so important in this industry.


My advice to a young professional embarking on their event planner/meetings business journey is:

Be patient and respect those who have been in the industry long before you. You don’t have to be at the top right out of school or just embarking on your career. There is plenty of time to gain knowledge and experience and you will prosper. As I mentioned, I started out as an admin typing up hotel contracts….23 years later I am now the Director of Meetings for one of the largest medical associations. Patience!


Other valuable resources beyond PCMA for meeting professionals include:

Your peers. We can learn so much from others. Again, connections and relationships are key. Reach out to those at other organizations in other cities and connect. Find a mentor that you relate to and they will be your lifeline.


The biggest change in me as a professional since joining the Chapter is:

I have grown up. I am a more mature, established and appreciate everyone who has taught me and helped me become the professional I am today.


My favorite book author is___, because:

James Patterson – I haven’t been reading as much as I should, but when I do, I love a good thriller novel.


The number of states in the U.S. I have visited:



My favorite movie of all-time is:

Too many to mention. I will say that Dirty Dancing is one I will watch every time.


My next splurge purchase/treat is going to be:

A new house. We sold our house in one day and don’t have a place picked out. Now I need to splurge!

heartlandpcmaorgTips, Advice and Memories From Our Long-time Chapter Members: Tanya Lowery