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Best in Class Recap

The Best in Class Program was successful and enjoyable with more than 40 members/nonmembers in attendance.  Thank you to Meg Fasy, Founder​ of FazeFWD & eventsGIG who presented The Future of Work: ​Shift Happens​. Here are a few takeaways from members that attended the program.
“The speaker was so engaging and really interacted with the group well. I really enjoyed the table discussions regarding what challenges we are experiencing currently.
Also, she made a great point to say that not everyone knows what we each do in the hospitality industry. We are not “just meeting planners” or “just hotel salespeople”.The job of the meeting planner has been listed for the last five years in Forbes as one of the stressful jobs. And I can say too that with our goals, hotel sales folk’s jobs are stressful too. It’s not all glamorous.”

Vicki Baker
Senior Account Executive, Association 
Account Sales Organization, Marriott International

“Meg focused a lot on retention and what is needed to keep the best people. It takes a lot to hire, train and get a new team member onboarded to an organization. Focusing on employee engagement and making them feel valued and appreciated goes a long way. It’s not always about the salary.” 

Hayley Neverve 
National Sales Manager
Caesars Entertainment National Meetings & Events

“Be a positive force in our industry, if you can mentor a new person – do it!”

Monika Babik
Director of Sales
Choose Chicago

“I think the biggest takeaway is we really need to educate and embrace our upcoming future talent in the meetings and events world. We need to realize that the candidate pool is not going to be working the way we have always worked. They are also inclined to select a company or association that is in line with their values. 
When looking for future talent, we need a different mindset and new ways to entice young candidates.”

Tracy Orpin, CMP 
Senior Meeting & Events Planner
NAIC Meetings, Events, and Travel Services

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