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E3: Educate, Engage, Experience

By: Danielle Wright, Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills

In July 2018 we hosted the 2nd E3 Conference: Educate, Engage, Experience in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This three day conference was full of interactive educational sessions, networking events, and fun Tulsa tours.

On Thursday, July 19th, Hyatt Regency Tulsa kicked off our conference with a welcome reception and presentation by Mary Lynn Fayoumi and Bob Moore on “Creating Your Team of Tomorrow, Today”. The two dynamic association executives provided a thought-provoking opening session to challenge traditional thinking. They focused their presentation on the opportunity that exists to work more creatively and collaboratively to master workforce and industry changes.

After the opening session, attendees walked down to the Dust Bowl, the vintage, 1970s-inspired bowling alley for a evening of bowling, food, drinks, and networking. The “Tulsa Strike Out” was hosted by Visit Tulsa, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Cox Business Center, and Marriott Tulsa Southern Hills. Attendees busted out their bowling shirts and crazy socks for this fun event.



On Friday, July 20th, we kicked off the morning with a presentation by Mickey Schaefer on “THE EXPERIENCE MATTERS: Discerning Travelers and Attendees”. Mickey touched on the newly released findings that attendees are swayed by the EXPERIENCE they perceive they will have at both the conference and the destination. This session taught our attendees best practices on how meeting professionals and DMOs can work together to target market based on human behaviors of the group to maximize attendance together.

Attendees then joined Erika Barkhaus, Director of Revenue Management, for “No Shame in the Revenue Game!”. This interactive session gave attendees the chance to evaluate business and test business decision-making skills in maximizing revenue. Attendees split up into groups and competed in a revenue management game. Everyone was presented with the same scenario and each team had to decide whether to take the business or not. The team with the highest revenue at the end was winner!


During our luncheon, Cason Helms presented on “The M Word-Why Millennials Matter”. Carson discussed how he raises awareness for the next generation of workers. His presentation shed light on how the hospitality sector offers many great career opportunities and can be the perfect fit for the millennial generation.

Attendees then had an open afternoon to explore all that Tulsa has to offer. Tulsa Convention and Visitors Bureau planned a tour visiting some of the best local breweries the city has to offer. Each group hopped on the shuttle to tour 3 different and unique local breweries to tour and enjoy a tasting of their crafts.


Friday evening, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa hosted a Luau Reception and Dinner. This poolside event was full of food, cocktails, and fun. While some cooled off in the pool, others tried their luck at Casino games.


On Saturday, we wrapped up our eventful conference with an “Interactive Panel Discussion: The Questions You Wish You’d Have Asked BEFORE You Signed the AV/Internet Contracts”. In this session we heard from seasoned professionals from both sides of the fence. Supplier panelist: Scott Dixon and Trudy Sweeten who shared the questions they would advise you to ask them and planners; Nancy Calaway, Randa Reeder-Briggs and Kate Turner, who shared some of the questions they’ve learned to ask over the years.

We wish to thank our sponsors for their generous support of the E3 Conference and PCMA Heartland Chapter!



Danielle WrightE3: Educate, Engage, Experience