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Focus on a Member: Hayley Neverve

This week, we focus on Heartland Chapter member, Hayley Neverve, Regional Sales Manager, Caesars Entertainment Corporation


What was your favorite Netflix binge during 2020?

Oh man, so many! Schitt’s Creek, Bridegerton, Love Life, and Yellowstone which wasn’t Netflix but a MUST watch.


Where is the first place you will travel when the pandemic is over?

I’ll go anywhere even if it’s for work! I have already started planning a few leisure trips; need to use up all those miles that have been sitting in my Southwest account! Looking ahead to Phoenix at the end of March, California in July and Florida for Thanksgiving. As soon as it’s easier to get in and out of Europe, I’d absolutely love to take my husband to Italy. He’s never been overseas.


Personally, or professionally, were there any positive things that came out of the pandemic (i.e. more time with family, house projects, got a dog, curbside pickup)?

Amen to curbside pick-up! And my dog has never gotten so many nice long walks. We managed to do some things around the house too.


What new hobby have you started in the past year?

I set a goal last March to workout three times a week and I’ve stuck to it for almost a year! Most weeks I am doing some sort of activity every day to get my body moving. I feel great, am stronger and managed to avoid the COVID-19 pounds.


I am looking forward to 2021 because…

It has to be better than 2020, right? Excited to see our industry start to rebound in 2021. There were some incredibly innovative ideas that sprung out of the pandemic that I’m sure will stick around and make meetings and events that much better.

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