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Sponsor Spotlight: Encore (formerly PSAV)

Today we spotlight Encore (formerly PSAV) – one of the Heartland Chapter’s valued sponsors.


What is recently new at PSAV (Encore)?  


Our rebrand! After the initial announcement of our global brand change in 2020, in January we moved forward with our organization’s official name change to Encore. Please check out our new website to see our updated logo and collateral for 2021 and beyond, and learn more about our end-to-end solutions for virtual, hybrid and in-person events.  


How will the PSAV acquisition of Encore Event Technologies make your company stronger?  


We have been able to grow our team and footprint deeper in many regions across the globe while giving Encore more opportunity to create consistency in the marketplace for our customers. We are now better equipped to transform meetings and events of all types into immersive, collaborative experiences that deliver real results while connecting and inspiring audiences.


What new is planned for 2021? 


While still on the road to recovery in our industry, Encore is focused on education for planners in the hybrid space. We have just relaunched our Professional Edge webinar series. Because we believe hybrid is here to stay, the current module is all around our focus on “How to Hybrid.” We highly recommend it to everyone for comprehensive sessions and free continuing education credits!


How is Encore working with event planners who are planning hybrid events during 2021?   


We are developing scalable options that can meet our planners’ needs. Not every hybrid event is created the same, nor is every organization’s budget. My first question to any customer looking at a hybrid program is – what level of interactivity is important for your attendees? Is it a one-way broadcast? Is two-way voice and video needed? Engagement is very important, but interaction is what tends to drive the complexity of the event.  


How do you believe the event industry will evolve during this year and into 2022?  


Mobile devices will be relied upon more for the overall experience of the in-person event participant.   Your device will become your hub for attendee interaction, allowing onsite and remote participants to take part in polling, networking and chat. Event software and technology has seen tremendous innovation in the past year and there is an increasing amount of investment occurring in that space.   Event apps have been around for a long time, but more for agendas, alerts and information. Higher-end custom solutions will become more cost effective and available to new segments of events.  


What interesting fact about Encore do most people likely not know?  


Encore is built from a collection of great companies and our roots go all the way back to 1937! Many of our team members have decades of experience with our organization and have seen success for our customers through a variety of brands. Additionally, while hybrid is now a preferred way to conduct meeting and events due to our current environment, we’ve been producing hybrid events for more than a decade. 


What do you like most about being a part of the PCMA Heartland Chapter?  

As a fairly new member, I feel that it is a very welcoming group. I joined a committee and quickly felt like I was being heard and allowed to make a difference in the Chapter. I look forward to becoming part of this tight-knit community!


Thank you, Encore for your support of the Heartland Chapter!

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