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Thank You Caitlin For Your Great Leadership During 2019

A big “thank you” to Caitlin Arnold for being such a good president for our mighty Heartland Chapter during 2019. 

Reflecting on the past year, Caitlin shares the following thoughts:

What was your favorite part/moment from being president in 2019? 

Definitely the 25th Anniversary celebration – the past presidents put on a spectacular event and it was amazing to have 23 of our 25 past presidents in attendance! 


What was your greatest accomplishment as president? 

Oh gosh… I would probably say the Weekly Pulse chapter newsletter! I love our newsletter format and I think (at least I hope) it is getting our information about better AND we are sharing more with the members about our members. 


Where do you see the Heartland Chapter headed? 

I see our Chapter continuing to be the small but mighty Chapter – we have so many amazing dedicated volunteers that I don’t see most of them going anywhere. Although, many of them may retire soon, so we really need to see our younger generations to keep stepping up! 


What are you most proud about the Heartland Chapter? 

Our comradery and welcomeness (not a word, but you all know what I am talking about). I constantly hear from people how friendly and welcoming we are. I think I touched on this in my speech at the February 6 event, but people join our Chapter for networking and professional reasons, but most stay because they enjoy the members and the friends they have made.  


Are there any “last” words you’d like to give your fellow Chapter members? 

Keep being you Heartland Chapter – our Chapter is special and it’s because of our members.

Jena VonderhaarThank You Caitlin For Your Great Leadership During 2019