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Meet Heartland Chapter Member Jodie English

Meet Heartland Chapter Member Jodie English, Director of Sales – Crescent Hotel & Spa – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

My favorite food is: Oh, so hard to pick only one!  I love to cook and food and beverage is such a big part of my life because of my job, that it is hard to pick just one.  I have the wonderful opportunity to work in a culinary environment and learn from our Chef.  For Thanksgiving I cooked a Turducken.  Great fun…great food.  So, I guess my favorite is probably what I’m cooking today.

My next dream trip is to: That would probably be Colorado with my husband and two golden retrievers. My husband and I both share photography as a favorite hobby and visiting family and playing in Colorado has become one of our favorite travel adventures. Though, when we return home to the Ozarks, we always take a deep breath as we realize what a great place we live to work and play and do all the things we love.

Recently read book I recommend reading is: David Baldacci’s “The End Game.”  My favorite author. Can’t wait to read his book!

Nickname growing up was: Never really had a nickname. I think I’ve just always been Jodie.

Won’t eat: Milk. Unfortunately, I’m lactose sensitive (not really intolerant), so can’t have milk.

Movie or bowling? Always in for a good movie…one of my favorite activities.  Who doesn’t love a good story?

Start every morning with: Coffee and a love and play session with Max and Skyler, our golden retrievers. When I’m being good, we do yoga together. Max loves to help with my morning stretch.

Why I joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter: I joined the PCMA Heartland Chapter at the suggestion of Kerry Kerr. My hope is to increase awareness of Northwest Arkansas as a premier meeting destination. Eureka Springs is only four hours south of Kansas City and a perfect destination for retreats and team building. Our historic hotels offer state of the art technology with a historic ambiance for fun, focused and productive meetings and getaways.

Best business tip/idea I’ve learned so far this year: As the business climate changes around us, we have really focused on listening.  Really listening. And, then responding to what we hear and are learning.

What I like best about my job: Eureka Springs and the people that live and love this area of the Ozarks! We have a great team at our historic hotels and a community that thrives on providing exceptional hospitality for our guests while maintaining great respect for each other. It all makes for a great work environment.

Three things you’ll find in my wallet that help to describe me: OK. I had to look in my wallet to answer this question. A picture of my husband and my dogs. My fishing license, because you never know when the fish might be biting. And, stamps, because I am still one of those people who send personal notes and cards through the mail.

Eric JacobsonMeet Heartland Chapter Member Jodie English